Where Do Possums Hide & How To Remove Them Permanently

The presence of possums in your house is a serious issue. You need to take urgent preventive actions to stop the cause and the damages. The damages caused by this small sized creature are far more serious. You may get infected due to the transmission of many germs and bacteria. It may make you fall sick or even cause you serious health damages. They could surely be responsible towards the damages which are caused to your belongings. You must be concerned about their presence even if kids are present in your house. The main issue which the homeowners face during the possum removal is to find the permanent solution to this problem.

Many homeowners still think that you can only achieve best results just by hiring Professional Possum Removal Brisbane. Yes, they are the best option to choose in this subject due to their years of experience in this field. They also have the correct knowledge about how things work and how to handle difficult situations as per the circumstances. You can also achieve the best and the permanent solution to this problem without hiring expert pest control services. That is by performing all the expert steps on your own. Consider that you follow all the steps carefully and correctly so that you get the best results only.

In this article, we will tell you about the common places where possums hide or make their nest. We will also discuss how to get rid of the possums permanently.

possum removal
possum removal

Possum Hiding Spot and how to get rid of them?

In most cases, they like to hide themselves in the dark corners which are far from human reach. They choose these corners due to the dark and the humidity. There are greater chances that there must be a nest present inside, inspect your garden or your basement to find any of the nest of possums and destroy it as soon as you find it. After finding these spots you must clean these spaces and make it easier to access  by removing the things which are covering the space. You must make sure that pests are not present in your house nor have they made any nest in your house as they may lay eggs or increase their population in the nest. So to control their population, you need to make some changes in your daily routine to make sure that you are living in a clean and hygienic space.


In this article, we have mentioned about the basic need of living in a hygienic space and how you can easily find the possum nest in your house and how to destroy it and make your house pest free and hygienic again. You need to make sure that you are living in a clean space as it is very beneficial for your health and to your kids as they may become the first victim to serious health issues if they live in an unhygienic space.

Although possums stay within their natural habitats most of the time, if they find the chance to enter your home or yard, they most definitely will. So if you have food crumbs lying casually, open holes, or are living in unhygienic conditions, these creatures will be making their way to your apartment in no time. Since they also cause massive concerns, it is best to find them and get rid of them as quickly as possible. 

Understand your enemies and never underestimate them

Possums also have a habit of consuming residuals that could be lying within your yard. So If you have anything ready for consumption, ensure that you have got rid of all the food items so that there isn’t any possum roaming within and around the yard. Also, if you find new possums within the backyard, there could be a fair chance that they have some good food sources as well.

How to get rid of possums?

– Yes, you can get rid of possums with the help of chemical repellents, remember that they don’t have a huge impact just by themselves. A good possum removal company is generally far more successful. This also includes trapping cages and sprinklers that are motion-activated.

– If you want to keep the possums away from the garden, several homeowners also put up fences, which could be 4 feet high at least.

– You could make the yard a lot less appealing by simply pruning the shrubs, and trees or even removing debris and other piles.

– Garbage cans must also have lids that are tight-fitting. Your pet food should be kept away at night as well.

– You can close off or even block openings and entrances around the house. This also includes buildings, decks, and porches.

How to hinder them from entering your home?

Possums not only wander all around your yard or home but if they find enough crawling space, they will hide peacefully, regardless of whether it is a garage, basement, attic, or even big wall holes. So, what you must always do is understand all the entry points for the possums. So make sure to inspect your home, and see all the ways the possums are around the house. So once you have found all the entry points, make sure you seal them.


You never have to feel worried or even scared in the presence of possums. They are not at all dangerous and can just by chance happen to be on your property. You could also search for possum removal companies and possum catchers within your vicinity. The experts will help you take care of all of these. On that note, that brings the post to an end. If you have any questions regarding possums, you can also share your thoughts in the comments below and we would love to hear even more from you!

Possums may look all cute and cuddly, but once they are in your home, they can cause damage like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, for many property owners, possums are found in abundance in Melbourne, which makes it important for people to always be possum-proof in their areas and buildings to ensure they are free from such nocturnal creatures.

Although possums do not pose any major physical dangers to your family, they could for sure cause major damage to your property. Dead possums too stink a lot and they could damage your quality of life for you. Hence, it is imperative that you use possum removal tips at home to keep them far away from your home, garden, property, and other areas.

But before all of that, do remember that Australian laws do protect possums. So regardless of how much of a nuisance you think they are, you have to find a thorough and detailed way to remove them from your property in a way the professional would. On that note, take a look at what to do when possums aren’t around!

What you should know about possum removal?

First and foremost, you can trap possums with the help of the building’s manager, pest control professionals, or a family member. Even someone who belongs to the maintenance department is good enough. The cage is one where you can trap them without leading to any injury. Once they are trapped, they have to be kept safe in a manner that shields them from direct rain, domestic pets, rain, wind, and sunlight. Animals who are captured have to be released on the same day and they could get caught within just a few meters of your property. We would also advise you to strongly look into possum pest control with the help of a professional to ensure you face no legal issues or are feeling clamped down with fines that cost you $5000.

How to remove them from your property without hurting them?

–  First and foremost, block the entry point using hard substances. Ensure that these pests are not ripping off the claws anymore.

–  You could also let up lights or even sprinklers. They tend to startle a lot of people just enough to make sure they leave the area.

–  You could also leave some dog or cat to cover up the area outside the home, letting the possums know that they should be threatened by something.

–  You could also use possum repellents. However, if you find a dead possum on the roof, you will need services to get rid of them completely. For this, you can call for services for possum removal in your region.

Always remember that possum repellents are also an excellent way of possum pest removal. However, you need to make sure they are authentic and do not contain elements that could injure or damage their health. Also, don’t make the mistake of stacking the bins outside. The trim and tall grass along with other greenery on your property seem more suitable and better off for them.

Did you know that Possum, an Australian marsupial, is protected according to the law passed by the government? But that doesn’t make them any lesser than pests. Although hurting them or capturing a possum is illegal and causes you to pay a huge fine, you can still avoid some trouble for yourself if you understand how to deal with possums in the right manner. Possums are nocturnal creatures. This is why their presence is hard to detect at night. The numbers can reduce over a period of time, causing habitat loss. Hence, they need to be protected. As possums prefer living in a more natural environment, they have somehow seemed to adapt themselves to human settlements. This also means that they are very good at coexisting with other species, including humans too.

What damages can they cause?

Australian possums are strong enough to damage your property. If they manage to enter your home, they could use wood or insulation which could become difficult for you to have regular electric installation. They also carry a lot of germs and bacteria which could become the source of an infection in your home. Since they are protected by the law, it’s best you call for possum removal services to eradicate their presence from their home because hurting them would not be a good idea for you.

How to protect your home from possums?

If you really want to avoid problems with possums, the best way to do it is not to allow them to enter your homes in the first place. First, seal all the entry points. Second, trim any branches that may be around your home. The branches over your fence should also be trimmed so that there’s no way they can enter your home. You can also speak to Humane Possum Removal Brisbane services and they can give you ecologically sound ideas on how to prevent them from entering your home.

Do you have possums in your home or garden? Here is how you can find out!

Possums aren’t that hard to detect. They are a lot less noisy compared to mice and rats and they definitely make bigger messes. Also, possums make very heavy noises if you compare them to mice or cats. The commotions that occur are mostly at night. So if the noises are not good enough, even possum urine will cause a pungent and distinct smell. You could see stains on the ceiling through your seams.

So, as mentioned above, possums are illegal to poach or hurt in Australia. This means that you have to book the services of a proper possum pest control expert and pay the possum removal costs. Otherwise, you could be paying a huge fine, when anything wrong happens to the huge creature. If you illegally kill any protected species in Australia, you could be paying up to 20,000 dollars to get rid of them. So be very careful when it comes to these animals.

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