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Possum removal will no longer be a problem for any residents now in Southport. Humane Possum Removal has the best local team for the entire possum removal service in the Southport area. We catch and relocate possums from homes and commercial places to prevent your spaces from being damaged. You may be aware, possums are famous for roof damage. Moreover, you should know that we do not catch possums forcefully, we set up a cage and bait to catch them. They are native to Australia and a protected species in our country so killing or harming them in any way is illegal. Call us now for a free quote or to schedule a Possum Removal Southport service. 

Possum Removal Southport

How To Identify The Possums Around You? 

Possums are a protected species so if they take up residence in your home, you need to be careful about how to remove them. Possums generally nest in rooftops and garages. They can be of various types:

  1. Common Brushtail Possum: These are furry and of brown colour with a pink nose. They are very much adaptable to any type of habitat which makes them easily adjustable to urban environments.
  2. Common Ringtail Possum: Generally found in grey to black colour it has a prehensile tail. It can easily wrap up its tail to climb up on fences and roofs.
  3. Pygmy Possums: Commonly found in Southern Western Australia, these are tiny possums ranging from 5-12 cm. They are small and scary and even furry. 

There are different types of possums and gliders that are a serious threat to one and all. The best way to deal with the situation is to hire a professional for possum removal who has thorough experience in this field. We have a team of experts who can carefully remove the possum from your property without harming them in any way.

Problems You May Face Because Of Possums

Though you may not see much danger with possums around the house initially and you just ignore them for a long. But later after some days, you will regret your decision. Some points to consider why to choose a professional for possum removal or problems you may face because of possums are: 

  • They wreak havoc in the garden – They will move around your garden and will damage the fruits, leaves, flowers, plants and trees. They also dig out the roots and completely throw them away.
  • A threat to your pet – Your pets definitely do not like possums around and they will cause a nuisance. Make sure you are not harming the possums in any way. We don’t recommend that you attempt to remove them as that can lead to injuries and other such problems.
  • Diseases- Though possums do not directly cause any disease, their hair, saliva and wastes will be around your house and that definitely isn’t good for you. They can cause some dangerous diseases. 
  • They can make your house a mess – They will move around your house and mess up things around and make you freak out. 
  • The dead possums – Even though you don’t kill them, they will by chance die and will cause a bad smell around your house. 

How Do We Prevent Possum Interruption At Your Property?

Possum removal can be a very tricky affair because they are territorial creatures and will keep coming back to the same place even after you’ve removed them. Here are some things we do in order to remove the animal and ensure they don’t enter your property again:

  1. Trap – Our plan is to trap the possum with the help of a possum cage and release it in a comfortable and habitable area nearby. For this, we set up a cage with baits(fruits). When the possum gets caught in the cage, we follow the release process. By law, we release them in an area not more than 50 meters away from the catching place. 
  2. Inspect – Once the possum is removed, we’ll inspect the area thoroughly to ensure there are no possum babies on your property. If we find a hiding place for them, we’ll blog it carefully as per the protocol.
  3. Prevent – The next step is to block all access points to the areas in your property that might make a good home for a possum. We can install nets, seal any gaps, and block all vulnerable access points completely to prevent future infestations.

How We Help in Maintaining A Possum Free Property In Southport

We are the number one possum removal Southport team with experience as possum catchers for more than two decades. We help in the following way:

Residential Possum Removal

It is your newly shifted house or old house we are providing services of possum removal for any kind of residential property. Since these are protected species we are the number one Possum Removal Southport team for our safe possum-catching services. 

Commercial Possum Removal

Possums are a complete nuisance in your commercial space or office, and you have to remove them and make sure they won’t enter back. We take care of this issue for many business owners in Southport. 

General Possum Inspection

If you have doubts that possums are living in your house compound but you are not seeing them, then you can ask us for General Possum Inspection. Our professional possum removal Southport team will find their hideouts. 

Emergency Possum Removal Service

Sometimes you need emergency help for possum removal, we are always ready for that service. We have a dedicated team for emergency services. We have a service which is same-day booking and same day service which makes it easy for you to choose us for a quick possum removal job. In addition to that, we also provide under deck possum removal, and backyard possum removal.

Dead Possum Removal Service To Protect You Against All Harms

In such conditions, it becomes not possible to locate the possum’s dead body and additionally to do away with it. In such cases, you can call us to send the Possum Removal Southport team. If possums have died in or close to your house, you’ll get a foul smell for around 2 months. This makes it compulsory for you to opt for dead possum removal immediately. Our team will safely remove dead possums and disinfect the area for your safety. 

Why Hire Us For Your Possum Removal Southport Needs?

We are the best in all of Southport for possum catching, removal and relocation and we have some prime points to highlight why to choose us:

  • Eco-friendly Way- We use only eco-friendly ways for the possum removal service. 
  • Affordable – We have set the best price for the standard of service we maintain. 
  • Certified Professional – Our experts are certified possum removal professionals. 
  • Best – We have the best service from the best team in Southport. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed possum removal company? 

Yes, we are a licensed company for all kinds of possum catching and removal services in Southport. We set up standard cages and release them under the rules and regulations provided by the law. 

Do you have any quick services for Possum Removal in Southport

Yes, we have emergency services and a specially dedicated team to attend quick services at the same cost. We can reach your places within an hour of your service request. But it is not necessary that we will remove the possum on the same day. We can not catch possums forcefully. We do humane possum removal. 

Do you provide Possum Removal Southport service quotations in Advance?

Yes, we do. We first inspect the current situation and provide the exact quotation for your property. 

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