How To Remove Possums From My Shed?

If you are looking to adopt a few shed possum control methods, we have more than one effective method for you to refer to and implement. So, if possums are making your shed their home, then immediate action of humane shed possum eviction is required. We have different and safe possum removal methods to get rid of possums from your shed, repelling possums’ re-entry into your shed. Some of the different methods that help in getting rid of possums in the shed are live traps, repellents, ultrasonic devices, trap deterrents, one-way doors, etc. Therefore, if you want to know more about the best practices for shed possum removal, follow our guide and implement them accordingly. 

Possum-Proof Your Shed With These Effective Practices

For a humane possum removal, you need to first identify the entry points of possums. Most likely, gaps and holes are the reason possums are getting into your shed. This is when you might be wondering how to remove possums from the shed. So, by finding all the gaps and holes in your shed, you can implement the methods we mentioned for possum-proofing your shed. Look carefully to make your shed free of possum by implementing natural possum exclusion methods. 

Live Traps 

  • Choose a live trap that has a door that automatically closes as soon as a possum enters it.
  • Find an area in your shed where possum(s) frequently roam and set a trap there. For quick and safe possum removal, place the live trap near the entry points of the shed.
  • Now, take any favourite fruit or vegetable of the possum to place it as bait in the trap and this helps lure the possum out from its hidden area. Some baits you can consider are bananas, pears, grapes, apples, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, lettuce and even pet food. 
  • Make sure to place this live trap according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring it is stable and secure when placed.
  • Check this trap every 24 hours as you shouldn’t be leaving captured possums unattended for a longer period, making sure the captured possum is safe. 
  • Approach the trap carefully once you find a possum being captured and handle it with care.
  • Release this possum in a terrestrial area 50m away from your property after checking local regulations about capturing and releasing wildlife. 
  • Repeat this process if you have more than one possum in your shed.

Ultrasonic Devices 

  • Locate areas where possum activity is frequently noticed and install an ultrasonic device in those locations and cover the areas. Note- Some ultrasonic devices will have specific guidelines. Hence, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing the device. 
  • Once placed, always put the ultrasonic device in “ON” mode consistently for effective results.
  • Change the device frequency so that possums don’t get used to it as this enhances the effectiveness of the ultrasonic device.
  • For better results, use a multifaceted approach where you can add the use of sealing the entry points and using taste deterrents too. 
  • Regularly monitor areas wherever you place ultrasonic devices to see desired results.

Installation Of Nesting Boxes

  • Select a suitable possum nesting box, specifically made of weather-resistant and durable material with a secure opening. 
  • Install it on a tree at a height of 4m above ground level as this distance makes possums feel sage and this also mimics the natural nests of possums. 
  • Make sure the nesting box is secured safely to the tree, ensuring it doesn’t accidentally fall off when a possum climbs into it. 
  • Position the nesting box in such a way that the opening is facing away from adverse winds and weather conditions, creating a safe, inviting and comfortable place for possums. 
  • Place insulating materials like straw, hay and shredded newspaper in the possum nesting box, making a bed for the possum. 
  • Although possums take some time to shift from the shed to these boxes, they will eventually get used to it once they notice nesting boxes and enter. 
  • While installing this, eliminate all the encouraging attractants in your shed by getting rid of clutter and food sources. 
  • Then, seal all the entry points to the shed. So, eventually, possums stay in a possum nesting box or find an alternative shelter somewhere out of your property. 


One of the best strategies for shed possum removal is the use of repellents as they discourage possums from roaming in your shed. When you want to count on possum repellents, there is a list as follows: 

  • Natural Repellents: Ammonia, garlic, pepper, ginger, vinegar and citrus peels have a strong smell and these ants as deterrents to possums. So, keep or sprinkle them in shed areas where possums usually roam. 
  • Commercial Repellents: You can count on motion-activated sprinklers, spray repellents, granular repellents and capsaicin-based repellents. 

Physical Barriers 

  • Thoroughly inspect your shed for any kind of holes, gaps and exterior or interior openings.
  • Select a physical barrier from the following and seal the entry points:
    1. Wire mesh
    2. Mesh screens
    3. Metal flashings 
    4. Hardware cloth
    5. Solid barriers 
    6. Electric fencing
    7. Concrete barriers
    8. PVC-Coated wire mesh
    9. Mesh netting 
    10. Wood or metal strips
  • Later, use the same physical barrier to seal exterior openings like windows, doors, vents and pipes. 
  • Also, block the crawl space to prevent new entries of possums into the shed and regularly check these physical barriers for effectiveness.  


  • Eliminate potential shelter and food sources from and around your shed. 
  • Apply hot pepper spray on the surfaces of the objects in the shed as it acts as a taste deterrent.
  • Install one-way doors wherever you find possum entry points in your shed. 
  • Modify the potential hiding areas of possums in your shed. 
  • You can use motion-activated scarecrows and make your shed unwelcoming. 


When you start following the DIY shed possum removal methods we mentioned, there is no way possums can escape to stay in your shed. Apart from the ones we mentioned there is another way of discouraging possums in your shed. That is, installing motion-activated bright lights in and around your shed. Thus, possums leave your shed once these lights disturb their nocturnal activity. So, all you have to do is implement our safe possum removal methods for quick, effective and safe removal of possums from the shed. If you are looking for an alternative that doesn’t require your time and energy, call professional possum removal experts.

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