Possum Removal Maroochydore

Secured And Protective Removal Of Possums In Maroochydore

Possums are wild animals and they show their behaviour in some ways after entering your house or any other property. They get inside your property and make their shelter on roofs or basements. They may wreak havoc in the garden and backyard and destroy them. But you cannot kill them in spite of all these damages because you are abiding by the rules. You can take help from Humane Possum Removal for removing them safely from your property or giving them a safe environment and nesting boxes. Our Possum Removal Maroochydore professionals help you by providing a secure and protective removal of possums. Our methods are very unique and safe that never cause harm to you, your family, and even possums. Take help from us as soon as you notice possums and relocate them following all rules and regulations.

Possum Removal Maroochydore

Significance Of Removing Possum From Your Residential Or Commercial Property

Possums, whether dead or alive, become dangerous for any of your property. If possums are found dead then it may cause even more serious issues. It becomes very important to remove them from your property as it has the following significance:

May Cause Serious Health Problems

The body of a possum may have various bacteria and other microorganisms which may cause serious diseases in humans. So, it is very important to remove them.

Unbearable Odours

A possum spreads bad odours wherever it goes. Therefore, it should be removed quickly.

The Value Of Your Property Decreases

If you want to sell your property and if a possum is found on it then the value of your property decreases. It may also occur that your property does not sell further. So, there is a lot of significance in a possum removal.

Your Hygiene Will Be Questioned

You should always take care of your health and hygiene. So, when a possum is present inside your house, your health and hygiene both are affected. Hence, their removal is necessary.

Due to the above reasons, if you think of removing a dead possum from your property, contact our Possum Removal Maroochydore team soon.

Authorized Procedure For The Removal Of Possum In Maroochydore

When it comes to the removal of possums, you always prefer a safe, hygienic, quick, and efficient service. All these qualities you will get in our Possum Removal Maroochydore team and we have authorized procedures for their removal. It consists of the following steps:

1. Inspection

This is the first step and is performed to confirm the presence of a possum inside your property. Various experts from our company come to your property to conduct this inspection. On the basis of it, they prepare a complete report.

2. Treatment plan

A perfect plan is prepared according to the inspection report and this plan is followed up properly. All our team members follow this plan and use proper methods.

3. Process

Our process starts with the blocking of all the entry points of possums. We then trap the possums either from the roof or where they are present. Our team officials are then relocating them to 50 meters from your property which is the rule of government.

4. Post-monitoring

After their removal, our experts will come to your property from time to time to inspect. We also suggest you some measures for preventing their re-infestation.

Hence, follow our team for more details.

Our High Quality Possum Removal Services

What Difference Do You Feel In Our Services?

Possums are highly protected by the government in Maroochydore but your first priority is to save your family. So when possums attack your house, never confuse, always hire professionals. Our Possum Removal Maroochydore team is different from others in some ways that are given below:

Award-winning service

Our company is the most preferable company in Maroochydore who wins almost all the excellence awards. We get 5-star ratings for our services for many years by our customers. So, do come to us.

Green Approach

We are using safe cages made for catching possums. They have sufficient space for possums. Thus, we follow the green approach for the removal of possums.

A Certified And Licensed Company

Our company is a certified firm and only after this certification, we will get permission to run our business. Higher authorities gave us a license to perform our work. This makes us different from other companies.

Master Possum Catchers

The possum catchers in our company are highly skilled and have every type of knowledge related to the possum. We train them in each and every manner from how to handle possums to how to remove them safely. This makes us masters in this category.

Quality Assurance

Our proven methods ensure you effective possum exclusion and treatment. We have such experts in our team who provide quality assurance by continually reviewing new developments in Integrated Pest Management. In this way, you feel the difference.

Our Possum Removal Prices Are Genuine

Our whole Possum Removal Maroochydore team respects both time and money. That is why we are readily available to you on time and our charges for our services are economical. The reason behind this is that possums are dangerous pests and no one should think twice before hiring experts, whatever be the reason behind this. The fact is that it is more economical to hire experts than to remove them on your own. It is because the equipment and the overall process are very costly if you try it on its own. 

  • Possum Removal/Rescue(catch and release): From $200 +GST
  • Possum Removal (One-way door installation or trapping): From $190 +GST 
  • Possum Carcass retrieval(Dead animal): Between $200 – $400 + GST

Our prices are genuine and economical for your every property. Therefore, book an appointment today.

Our Possum Removal Services In Emergencies Are Efficient And Reliable

When a possum is spotted inside your property, it is considered a Wildlife Removal Emergency. It means it is a situation in which the removal of the possum is very necessary. Our Possum Removal Maroochydore team is always ready for emergencies. You can call our team members at any hour of the day for emergencies as we are ready to serve you 24 hours of the day. Book an appointment as soon as possible.

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