How To Get Rid Of Possum Smell?

Before we get to know how to get rid of the possum smell, let’s try to understand what these troublesome pests look like so that you come to know that the pest invades at your property is Possum. Possum length is 1 to 4 feet and can weigh up to 15 pounds. Their fur is silver or grey in colour, and they have long, hairless tails.

Possums emit a foul smell when they play dead, which is never a pleasant occurrence. Their urine and droppings also smell bad and they can also carry fleas, ticks, and diseases such as Leptospirosis. If you want to get rid of the possum smell then definitely you have to follow some tips and tricks mentioned in this blog to keep these nasty pests away from your home, roof, or garden area.

How To Get Rid Of Possum Smell

Why Possums Presence Is Smelly?

  • Possums are known to adopt a latrine system, which means they pick one location to use as their toilet. This system can quickly become highly odorous.  The next time your nose detects a foul smell, you might wish to check for droppings or contact a specialist to examine the area.
  • When these nasty creatures died on your property. The dead creature’s smell fills the air with a scent of rottenness.

Genuine Concerns Related To Possums Dead Or waste

Regardless of whether the possum died on your property or live alive and spread droppings, the foul smell of droppings and dead possum remains can prompt different issues.

  • Possum droppings attract numerous other pests such as flies and worms, various diseases can happen because of the spread of these flies.
  • The awful smell of the possum brings about migraines and queasiness.
  • A dead possum lying outside pulls in many other scavengers.
  • The dead possum’s body liquids start dirtying various home fixes to roofs, floors, partitions, and dividers.

This is the reason you must find the whereabouts of the bad odour and dispose of the dead possums at the earliest opportunity.

How To Eradicate The Smell Of Possums?

  • Use A strong odour eliminator or disinfectant in the area to remove the foul smell of Possums.
  • Hang odour-neutralising bags or use a neutralizing gel. In addition, replace the bags as necessary and continue using the other neutralizers until the smell has vanished.
  • You can use a coffee filter pack or coffee grounds. This has a positive effect on odour and it will get rid of the possum’s smell without hassle.
  • Baking soda work as a wonder to get rid of unwanted smell from your premises. All you need to do is make a solution with baking soda and water and spray it in your house basement, attics, and other areas where you feel possums was present.
  • Another way that works as magic is using Vinegar. Fill multiple cups of vinegar and place them in the area of the source of the odour.
  • Be sure to increase the ventilation inside the house. You can do this by opening windows, turning on fans, or turning down the air conditioner.
  • Hire a professional if necessary. Professionals have adequate knowledge about the possums thus they can help you in a better way.  They provide various services as per your need. In addition, you can appoint professionals to remove the dead carcass, clean the area, and make any repairs.


Possums can contribute significantly to the environment in your area and even serve as their kind of pest management by consuming roaches, mice, rats, and other troublesome animals, even though you might not want them living beneath your roof.

It’s advisable to hire pest management or animal control for humane possum removal and release the stowaway marsupials if you can’t get them out of your house quickly or safely. After that, try to seal any gaps, cracks, or openings that could result in a new possum infestation in your attic.

Keeping any entry points sealed and repaired goes a long way in preventing future problems. Whether the possum lives or died inside your home or out in the yard, having a possum is the most offensive part. Hope this blog helps you to know how to deal with the presence or smell of possums.

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