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    Possum Removal Brisbane

    Do You Need A Professional Possum Catcher In Brisbane? Real Experts Are Available Here

    At Humane Possum Removal Brisbane, we are a team of expert professionals who work in the pest control industry in Brisbane. We make sure that your house is safe as we inspect it and take action accordingly. Possums are tough creatures and you cannot remove them without professional possum catchers as they are illegal to kill too under the Wildlife Act 1975. Our professionals will safely catch them for relocation. So, you can ask our Possum Removal Brisbane team to make your property free of possums.

    Possum Removal Brisbane

    Why Is There A Need For Possum Removal?

    • Even though possums are not as serious a problem as raccoons or rodents, they can be a nuisance. They are not dangerous for humans unless provoked, but they can cause trouble if they get inside your house thus removal of snakes, possums and pests are important.
    • They can be a positive creature for your garden as they eat snails and insects but they can disrupt your vegetable garden. That is why it is important to keep them out of your property.
    • Possums tend to upset your dogs too. Cats or dogs do not get along well with possums. They can also get into a fight which can result in some fatalities or your pet might contract a disease from them.
    • They are not the cleanest of creatures as they carry parasites. They usually make your attic their home which makes the possum removal process a little more difficult.

    Therefore, you can keep possum trappers in the attic and in the gardens to catch them before they damage your property. In case of an infestation, it is fair to call our Possum Removal Brisbane team.

    Signs Of Possum Infestation

    Targeted Possum Inspection Service And Tricks And Signs Of Possum Infestation

    Since possums are a protected species, we deeply respect Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 and work with great care without harming possums. It is always the better and safe choice to call in possum pest control service providers like us as we have professionals that do the possum inspection and removal job safely. If the possum is making a residence in your attic or roof, they will make their presence known. Moreover, if you are noticing any of the signs mentioned below, it is time to call the emergency possum catcher company.

    • While the possums are making themselves at home on your property, they tend to climb the sides or walk the roof of your house. During their adventure, they cause significant damage to the sidings, gutter, shingles, etcetera.
    • Possums are not quiet creatures and they like to make hissing and shrieking noises. If they have invaded your house, it won’t be long before you start hearing their calls and noises.
    • Possums build their hideouts with all the scrap materials they can find. But if they are in your house, you will hear scratching and tearing noises as they will be trying to find the material to build their hideouts.
    • Possums have large feces drops and they defecate often. As soon as they have settled in your attic, you will start smelling the odour of feces and urine. The whole house will begin smelling if you do not clean the house.

    We Have You Covered With All Types Of Possum Removal Services In Brisbane

    Possums are very difficult to get rid of. Moreover, you cannot kill a possum as it is illegal to kill them. You will need the professional help of possum catcher companies to get rid of them. Here are some different types of possum removal services you can sign up for with us-

    Residential Possum Removal

    You would not want to share your house with possums. Since they make their presence known by making noise and leaving their feces behind, it won’t take much time to know if they have invaded your house or not. We can provide same-day possum removal or inspection. Reach us for emergency home possum removal in just one call. To save some more, contact us and choose our year-round protection plan. We have different types of monthly plans that are flexible and affordable.

    Commercial Possum Removal

    Apart from your home, possums can invade your offices or restaurants too. Now, we would not want you to eat or work with possums making noises or contaminating your food. We have a team of highly qualified Possum Removal Brisbane experts who will take care of removing the possum from your office, restaurant, or other commercial places.

    Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

    You might not know the right strategy to remove the possums. So, you should hire a professional to do the job. All of our experts have been trained to face all kinds of situations. Therefore, our pre-purchase possum inspection is the best way to keep yourself careful ahead of buying a new property.

    Emergency Possum Removal Services

    We never disappoint our customers. Possums can become an emergency to you anytime. But, you don’t need to panic as we provide emergency possum removal services. Our emergency service is just one call away.

    Same-Day Possum Removal Services

    All our methods to catch and remove possums are environmentally friendly. We catch possums and safely deliver them to their natural habitat. Our priority is to take care of them as well as your property. Therefore, you should look out for our same day possum removal services.

    Alive Or Dead Possum Removal, We Have Solutions To All Your Possum Problems

    Even though possums are an important part of the ecosystem, they can be deadly to humans. Apart from the chaos they create at your home, they can be the cause of some serious diseases. They carry parasites, germs, and infections that can transmit to your pets or you. Since they are not silent creatures, they will disturb your good night’s sleep.

    If you have a dead possum in your attic or basement, the smell will be there for months if you do not remove the body. If you have something of value in there, it is most likely to get stained. If you do not call professional dead possum removal services, it will become home to insects and maggots. So, you can take help from our Possum Removal Brisbane Experts in any situation related to possums.

    Dead Possum Removal

    Different Possum Removal Conditions We Handle Easily

    We are experts in possum removal from all situations. Most people in Brisbane have accepted us as their saviour when they need to remove possums from their roofs, backyards, underdecks and gardens.

    Under Deck Possum Removal

    You can count on us for reasonably priced Under Deck Possum Removal services. We have the most convenient and adaptable booking system. For several years now, we have been in Brisbane, QLD and have helped people with Under Deck Possum Removal.

    Backyard Possum Removal

    For any concerns relating to Backyard Possum Removal or any other possum control issues, you can contact us now. We understand possums better and our team is accessible for appointments around-the-clock. We provide inspection services prior to our treatment.

    Possum Removal From Roof

    In the event that you require our Possum Removal From Roof services, we are here to assist you. Given that our services are inexpensive, getting them is feasible for you. We offer our services on both commercial and residential roofs, you can often rely on us.

    Fencing And Possum Proofing

    Our company provides the best alternative to get rid of possums. Fencing And Possum Proofing are the best things you can get from our professionals. Most probably, you will not get possum issues again frequently after Fencing And Possum Proofing.

    Possum Boxes We Install To Save Homes And Gardens

    Possum Nest Box On A Tree

    Possums like to live in secluded places and trees hollow and possum boxes on a tree give them a better place to live. We can install possum boxes on a tree that also save your garden.

    Possum Control Box

    Damage by possums in any possible way is a menace to you and your family. You can get our experts’ help to get rid of it, installation of a Possum Control Box is the key.

    Possum Nest Box

    Possums often look for safe nesting places and the installation of a Possum Nest Box is the best way to help them and save your homes and gardens from their bad habits. This can solve your issues instantly.

    Possum Removal

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    Benefits Of Choosing Our Possum Control/Removal Services

    Removing possums can be a tiring job if you decide to do it all alone. It is best advised to hire professionals like us to do the job. We have trained experts who love their jobs and people who are there for you 24 by 7. Here are the major benefits of hiring our possum catchers for Possum Removal Brisbane needs:

    • All our services are cost-effective and affordable. Our price range will not be heavy on your pocket and there is no additional or hidden cost that we charge from our clients.
    • Our company is certified and hires trained professionals that take work of the possum removal from your property, making sure no harm is caused to either of them.
    • We are a local-based company and you can avail of our services all across Brisbane city.
    • We prefer to use all the latest and eco-friendly ways for possum removal from your property. It causes no damage to your property or humans.

    Avail of the Best Possum Removal Services in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Inala, Hope Island, Ashmore, Gilston, and nearby areas.

    Benefits Of Possum Removal


    Great Team

    15 November 2022

    This team uses the latest and most effective methods to remove possums from any property, and you will not find a confident team like this who can provide you with the best possum removal service in Brisbane.


    Best Service Provider

    15 November 2022

    Got the best service provider for possum removal in Brisbane, and I am happy to get help from this company. This company has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are experts in possum removal and committed to providing the best possible service.


    Good For My Home

    15 November 2022

    Your team was great to solve possum problems at my home. A reliable and effective possum removal service in Brisbane. Look no further than this Possum Removal Service!



    “Hi, I am Roger. I have been associated with this company for many years. If you’re in need of possum removal in Brisbane, look no further than this company. They’re the best in the business, and I’m happy to have them in my area. They’re quick, efficient, and most importantly, they get the job done right. I couldn’t recommend them more.


    “Hi, I am Meghan. I have known this company for many years. If you have a possum problem in Brisbane, look no further than this Possum Removal Service. They are the best in the business and will have your possum problem solved in no time. I was very happy to see that they had possum catchers in my area, as this is a humane way to remove possums from your property. The service is prompt, professional and very reasonably priced.


    “Nadal here. I have called this company many times in my last 5 years. If you’re in search of a possum removal service in Brisbane, this is the company you want to call. They did a great job of getting rid of the possums that were living on my roof, and they did it quickly and safely. I’m very happy with their service, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs possum removal.


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