Where Do Possums Hide & How To Remove Them Permanently

Where Do Possums Hide & How To Remove Them Permanently

The presence of possums in your house is a serious issue. You need to take urgent preventive actions to stop the cause and the damages. The damages caused by this small sized creature are far more serious. You may get infected due to the transmission of many germs and bacteria. It may make you fall […]

Possums Are Around! Follow These Tips For Safe Removal!

Although possums stay within their natural habitats most of the time, if they find the chance to enter your home or yard, they most definitely will. So if you have food crumbs lying casually, open holes, or are living in unhygienic conditions, these creatures will be making their way to your apartment in no time. […]

What To Do When Possums Are Around?

Possums may look all cute and cuddly, but once they are in your home, they can cause damage like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, for many property owners, possums are found in abundance in Melbourne, which makes it important for people to always be possum-proof in their areas and buildings to ensure they are free from […]

Why Are Possums Protected By Law In Australia And Other Rules?

Did you know that Possum, an Australian marsupial, is protected according to the law passed by the government? But that doesn’t make them any lesser than pests. Although hurting them or capturing a possum is illegal and causes you to pay a huge fine, you can still avoid some trouble for yourself if you understand […]

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