Do Ultrasonic Devices Repel Possums From Roof Spaces

Ultrasonic devices are electronic pest control devices that emit high-frequency sound waves that pests find unpleasant. These sound waves are beyond the range of human hearing, so they are safe for people and pets to be around. Do Ultrasonic Devices Repel Possums from Roof Spaces? Ultrasonic devices are not harmful to pests, they may help to repel them from your home. So, there is no guarantee that an ultrasonic device will repel all pests, as each pest has different hearing capabilities.

Some pests may also become accustomed to the sound over time. However, ultrasonic devices may be worth a try if you are dealing with a persistent pest problem. So, you need to hire the best possum removal company.

Repel Possums From Roof Spaces

Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Keep Possums Out Of Your Roof Space

1. No holes or gaps

Make sure that your roof is in good repair and that there are no holes or gaps that a possum could use to enter. Therefore, it is the most amazing trick.

2. Install possum-proof mesh 

Install possum-proof mesh over any openings in your roof space. 

3. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed

Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from your roof to prevent possums from using them to access your roof space. So, this trick can help you in possum control.

4. Secure bird feeder

 If you have a bird feeder, make sure that it is properly secured and that possums cannot reach it. So, follow this tip if you want to keep them away.

5. Store food

Store food in airtight containers and keep it off the ground to prevent possums from accessing it. Possums are attracted to areas that provide food, water, and shelter also. So, remove any potential food sources from your roof space, such as pet food, bird seed or fallen fruit. Therefore, do not leave pet food or water outside as this may attract possums.

6. Seal garbage cans

Seal garbage cans or recycling bins to prevent possums from getting into them. Therefore, it can give you permanent rid of possums.

7. Contact your local wildlife control agency

Contact your local wildlife control agency if you need assistance in getting rid of possums from your property. If you have possums in your roof space, call a professional wildlife removal service to have them safely removed.

8. Always wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with possums or their droppings. Possums can carry diseases that may be harmful to humans. So, avoid contact with possums and their droppings.

9. Use an ultrasonic-repellent device

Use an ultrasonic repellent device to deter possums from entering your roof space.

10. Keep your roof space clean

Keep your roof space clean and free of debris. So, possums are attracted to areas that are cluttered and provide hiding places.


Studies show that ultrasonic devices are effective at repelling possums from roof spaces. Therefore, the devices work by emitting high-frequency sound waves that are unbearable for the animals. Possums are also repelled by the strong smell of peppermint oil and the sound of running water.

If you have a possum problem in your roof, try using an ultrasonic device to get rid of them. So, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and place the device in an area where the possums are likely to be. Therefore, you may need to experiment with different devices and locations before you find one that works for your situation.

So, hire the best possum removal service that removes possums of your home or garden permanently. They also use some effective solutions & tools to keep them away.


Q1. Does ultrasonic work on possums?

Do Ultrasonic Devices Repel Possums from Roof Spaces? Ultrasonic sound waves do not work on possums. Possums are not bothered by high-pitched noises and will not be deterred by an ultrasonic device.

Q2. Do pest repellers work on possums?

Pest repellers work on possums by emitting high-frequency sounds that the possums cannot tolerate. So, the sound waves emitted by the pest repellers will cause the possums to flee the area in search of a quieter place to live.

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