What Does A Possum Sound Like?

What are these possums? Where do they live? What Does a Possum Sound Like? Well, several queries come to people’s minds. But, before this, one needs to understand what possums are. Well, the possums are native animals of Australia. They are furry and somewhat cute but they can invade your home and destroy your entire garden.

Possums are a pest and they are mostly active during the night. Possums spend the daytime resting and get active during the nighttime. One thing to consider is that possums appear in a group you will know about if they are in your area. This is because of their noise. What Does a Possum Sound Like? Whenever they are around, you will get to hear their loud noises. 

Possum can be identified by its brushtail, louder, and more explosive noise. Those with brushtails are found in urban areas and they love to hide on the roofs of homes. If you are experiencing loud noises on your roofs then this might be possums invading your home. Many people mistake possums with that for rats but there are a lot of differences between them. One of the common differences between both of them is their noise. Possums make aggressive noises at night. They usually cry as a way to communicate with other possums. 

What Does A Possum Sound Like

How to find out if there are possums in your home?

You need to find out the signs that indicate your home has been invaded by possums. Many times, homeowners get confused about whether there are rats, possums, or any other creature in their home. Thus, you must understand the signs before you do any pest control process in the home. Right from sound to infestation, there are a lot of things you can find out about them. Let’s check out these signs in a detailed manner. 

If there is any sort of unpleasant smell

One of the signs that will let you know whether there is a possum invasion or not is the smell. If there is a possum invasion in the home then you will get to have an unpleasant smell of their excreta wet droppings which will be similar to a cat. Whenever you are getting this unpleasant smell, you need to check your roof area.

Sudden disappearing food from home

Possums in the home can sometimes cause the disappearance of food. This especially happens when there is a pet in the home. Possums can cause the disappearance of your pet’s food items. If you are witnessing the unusual disappearance of the food items of your pet then this is a sign for you. 

Damage to the building’s exterior wall

Do you know that possums can cause an effect on your home’s wall? Yes, that is true as they climb through the exterior walls so there will be some sort of damage also. So, this is one of the first signs that will let you know that your home has been invaded by possums. Once you know there is an invasion of possums in the home, you need to take actionable steps to remove them.

What does a possum sound like?

This is a common query of most homeowners about the entry of possums into their homes. What Does a Possum Sound Like? However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that possums can make different noises to communicate with each other. Though their noise can appear weird and aggressive to you, creating noise is just like a way of communication. Sometimes, they can make a very loud noise which can be scary for humans who don’t know about the possum’s noise.

Whenever a possum is in pain or gets hurt by anything, it will become silent. This helps them from hunters and others. If they make any noise they will be caught by others. So, they never make any noise if they’re hurt.

But the continuous noise of possums can make it hard for you to sleep. In such a situation, one can seek the help of the same day possum removal service as they help in their removal from your home. 

There are times when a possum makes a sound like a high tone scream. Depending on the situation, they can make different noises. These are some common noises that a possum can make and you can get an idea of their identification in your home. Let’s have a look at some of the noises that they can make:

  • Growling is one of the most common noises that a possum makes when they are in danger, threat or they are angry.
  • Another possum sound is the clicking one which is made especially by the mother possums. They do this as a mode of communication with the younger possums. Sometimes, they also make a clicking sound to attract their mates. 
  • Another common sound that a possum can create is hissing. This sort of sound is usually made by the baby possums to call or attract their mothers. 
  • Loud thumping noises are also common sounds that possums sometimes make when they move somewhere.

So, these are a few sorts of noise that a possum can make depending on the situation and requirements. 

Keeping the possums away from home

First of all, you need to keep your home, garden, patio, and roof clean. So, all that you need to do is to clean the trash, and leftover pet food and cover your dustbin which is kept outside. This attracts possums so it would be better to keep them clean. In addition to this, possums can come to your roof to find warmth and safety. So, you need to seal the holes and other entry points.


What Does a Possum Sound Like? Possums make different noises according to the situation in which they are. They also sometimes make hissing, clicking, or growling noises for communicating with each other. So, the above-mentioned points can help you a lot to know deeply about possums & their sound.

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