Why Are Possums Protected By Law In Australia And Other Rules?

Did you know that Possum, an Australian marsupial, is protected according to the law passed by the government? But that doesn’t make them any lesser than pests. Although hurting them or capturing a possum is illegal and causes you to pay a huge fine, you can still avoid some trouble for yourself if you understand how to deal with possums in the right manner. Possums are nocturnal creatures. This is why their presence is hard to detect at night. The numbers can reduce over a period of time, causing habitat loss. Hence, they need to be protected. As possums prefer living in a more natural environment, they have somehow seemed to adapt themselves to human settlements. This also means that they are very good at coexisting with other species, including humans too.

Protect Your Home From Possums

What damages can they cause?

Australian possums are strong enough to damage your property. If they manage to enter your home, they could use wood or insulation which could become difficult for you to have regular electric installation. They also carry a lot of germs and bacteria which could become the source of an infection in your home. Since they are protected by the law, it’s best you call for possum removal services to eradicate their presence from their home because hurting them would not be a good idea for you.

How to protect your home from possums?

If you really want to avoid problems with possums, the best way to do it is not to allow them to enter your homes in the first place. First, seal all the entry points. Second, trim any branches that may be around your home. The branches over your fence should also be trimmed so that there’s no way they can enter your home.

You can also speak to Humane Possum Removal Brisbane services and they can give you ecologically sound ideas on how to prevent them from entering your home. Additionally, you can request them to install possum boxes in your backyard and garden to prevent these animals from invading your home.

Do you have possums in your home or garden? Here is how you can find out!

Possums aren’t that hard to detect. They are a lot less noisy compared to mice and rats and they definitely make bigger messes. Also, possums make very heavy noises if you compare them to mice or cats. The commotions that occur are mostly at night. So if the noises are not good enough, even possum urine will cause a pungent and distinct smell. You could see stains on the ceiling through your seams.

So, as mentioned above, possums are illegal to poach or hurt in Australia. This means that you have to book the services of a proper possum pest control expert and pay the possum removal costs. Otherwise, you could be paying a huge fine, when anything wrong happens to the huge creature. If you illegally kill any protected species in Australia, you could be paying up to 20,000 dollars to get rid of them. So be very careful when it comes to these animals.

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