What To Do When Possums Are Around?

Possums may look all cute and cuddly, but once they are in your home, they can cause damage like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, for many property owners, possums are found in abundance in Melbourne, which makes it important for people to always be possum-proof in their areas and buildings to ensure they are free from such nocturnal creatures.

Although possums do not pose any major physical dangers to your family, they could for sure cause major damage to your property. Dead possums too stink a lot and they could damage your quality of life for you. Hence, it is imperative that you use possum removal tips at home to keep them far away from your home, garden, property, and other areas.

But before all of that, do remember that Australian laws do protect possums. So regardless of how much of a nuisance you think they are, you have to find a thorough and detailed way to remove them from your property in a way the professional would. On that note, take a look at what to do when possums aren’t around!

Expert Possum Removal Services

What you should know about possum removal?

First and foremost, you can trap possums with the help of the building’s manager, pest control professionals, or a family member. Even someone who belongs to the maintenance department is good enough. The cage is one where you can trap them without leading to any injury. Once they are trapped, they have to be kept safe in a manner that shields them from direct rain, domestic pets, rain, wind, and sunlight. Animals who are captured have to be released on the same day and they could get caught within just a few meters of your property. We would also advise you to strongly look into possum pest control with the help of a professional to ensure you face no legal issues or are feeling clamped down with fines that cost you $5000.

How to remove them from your property without hurting them?

–  First and foremost, block the entry point using hard substances. Ensure that these pests are not ripping off the claws anymore.

–  You could also let up lights or even sprinklers. They tend to startle a lot of people just enough to make sure they leave the area.

–  You could also leave some dog or cat to cover up the area outside the home, letting the possums know that they should be threatened by something.

–  You could also use possum repellents. However, if you find a dead possum on the roof, you will need services to get rid of them completely. For this, you can call for services for possum removal in your region.

Always remember that possum repellents are also an excellent way of possum pest removal. However, you need to make sure they are authentic and do not contain elements that could injure or damage their health. Also, don’t make the mistake of stacking the bins outside. The trim and tall grass along with other greenery on your property seem more suitable and better off for them.

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